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new steps

The last weeks have been days of planning and thinking. I am in a process of moving to another house and also to start up complete new projects. This year will be a restart and I am really looking forward what´s coming out of all this. The creative process is just in the beginning.
In the meantime I do some jewelry and for the moment I adore the felted beads I recently bought. Some necklaces has been done.


Another week

It´s Monday again and a week pass too fast.
The weekend was creative, I meet some friends for Salsa dancing and that is always a bonus for quality of living.
I also meet a friend I haven´t seen for a while. We talked a lot and sipped a good wine, and some really good ideas showed up during our hours together.
So I feel full of new energy this Monday.

Here is a lot of things going on to create and to think about. I am just in the beginning of a new process and I find it very stimulating to start up things again.
After a short swim I am ready for a brainstorming again.


It´s Friday

NIce to meet so many Swedish tourists staying on Curacao for the moment. One had swimmed with a turtle yesterday and it seams this same turtle has become so tourist friendly and stay there in Playa Lagun just to have fun with all snorkeling people.
Is nice indeed to swim so close to the little turtle.
Today this Friday we shall take some of the Swedes to a nice restaurant that the tourists not so easy find themself. Asia de Cuba with good food and THE place for Salsa dancers every Friday. I love it!

Asia de Cuba


New start

I have cleaned up in my studio so I can start the new year in another way. I like to have a lot of beads and pearls, stones, spacer, rings, pins... all over the table when I work very spontaniously. I do one of a kind mostly and when I am in the process of creating jewelry I want to see as much as possible of the whole palette of colors and materials.
But now when I shall make a small collection in the same style I don´t need to make such a mess around me.
It is good to make a new start and I am looking forward to receive packages with new beads and pearls I have ordered for this spring collection.

Now it is also time to start with the jewelry workshops again after the holiday break. It is also a reason to keep the studio in a proper way.
Companies and friends shall be invited for jewelry sessions and also Girl´s partys shall start up before all summer weddings. Friends surprice the bride with a jewelry workshop where they make there own wedding jewelry.
Busy start of the new year 2009.



I heart this year 2009. It will be an exciting year I am sure.