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New start

I have cleaned up in my studio so I can start the new year in another way. I like to have a lot of beads and pearls, stones, spacer, rings, pins... all over the table when I work very spontaniously. I do one of a kind mostly and when I am in the process of creating jewelry I want to see as much as possible of the whole palette of colors and materials.
But now when I shall make a small collection in the same style I don´t need to make such a mess around me.
It is good to make a new start and I am looking forward to receive packages with new beads and pearls I have ordered for this spring collection.

Now it is also time to start with the jewelry workshops again after the holiday break. It is also a reason to keep the studio in a proper way.
Companies and friends shall be invited for jewelry sessions and also Girl´s partys shall start up before all summer weddings. Friends surprice the bride with a jewelry workshop where they make there own wedding jewelry.
Busy start of the new year 2009.

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