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Fall Break Deal / Caribbean Special

Fall Break Caribbean Special

Curacao 7 nights US595

Sept 1 - Nov 30, 2009.

This very attractive offer includes 7 nights accommodation in hotel room,dbl occupancy/Daily American Breakfast Buffet/Meet & Greet/Roundtrip/Transfer/Tax

Lions Dive & Beach Resort *** US595/person (extra night = US85)
Hilton Curacao **** US650/person (extra night = US90)


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Enjoy Sweden Group Travel 19.7 - 30.7 & 10.8 - 21.8 2009

After last year's successful trip to my native country, Sweden, I have decided to meet more friends requests to get the opportunity to explore some of Sweden's best and most beautiful parts. A delightful program during some bright summer days. Enjoy Sweden.

Time: 1st group 19-30 July, 2009
2nd group 10- 21 August, 2009
Small groups: Maximum 14 participants each group

Enjoy Sweden is an 12 days cross country tour escorted by Ulla Strandberg. Starting on the west coast and Gothenburg, you continue to explore the wilderness and beauty in arctic Lapland before ending up in Stockholm - "Nordic Venice".

Gothenburg is Sweden’s second city and located on the west coast. Gothenburg was founded in 1621 by King Gustav II Adolf, and developed by city planners and canal experts from the Netherlands and Germany who left a heritage of Amsterdam-style canals around the city centre. Being the busiest harbour in Sweden, Gothenburg hosted the Swedish East India Company.
Together with its vast archipelago, the Gothenburg region is one of the most popular areas for tourism and quality shopping in Scandinavia.

Lapland is the far north county of Sweden, home to the Sami minority and their exotic culture and traditions - symbolised by - amongst others - by the reindeer. Of special interest is Jukkasjarvi Church, decorated by famous Swedish artist. Lapland’s main settlement is Kiruna, featuring world's largest underground mine (iron ore). Most of all, Kiruna is the last outpost before entering the wilderness and adventure.

Sweden capital Stockholm is built across 14 islands and is often called "Venice of the North". With more foreign visitors than any other city in Scandinavia it is also considered to be the Capital of Scandinavia. Stockholm is situated at the point where the vast Lake Mälaren meet the salt water Baltic Sea.
As water covers one third of the city area, the maritime life is an important aspect of the city - plenty of bridges, marinas and locks. You can even catch salmon in the middle of the city.

Summer Weather in Sweden:
Gothenburg and Stockholm: expect warm (20-25C and mostly sunny conditions. Evenings cooler.
Lapland: In general 10-15C - though, periods of southern temperatures are not rare.

A deposit is required to confirm you reservation.
Full payment to be set latest May 11, 2009
(Note: as number of participants is limited, reservation is confirmed only after required deposit / or, full payment / is received)
Upon reservation, you will receive more information about Payment details, what to wear, Money/Currency matters, etc.

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Distributor in Netherlands Antilles


I continue with picking up green things for my shop.
Why haven´t I found Soap Nuts before.. They are just great and just natural.
So from now on I am distributor for Planet Pure green products in Netherlands Antilles.

Soap Nuts
It is a pure nature product and for 100 % biological removable.
This nature product is optimal for people with allergies!
It´s good for pets with shin problems....

Hand- and machine wash from 35 – 95 °. For each washing you need 5 - 7 half shells, which have to be put in a small bag of cotton or in a thin sock in the machine. With washing temperatures of 60° the washing nuts can be used twice.
The mild, complete biological substances can be used for all different types Of washing like silk, linen, wool, hemp etc. If needed, a few drops of aromatic oils can be added.
The wash nuts are 100 % biological removable and can be put on the compost.
A packet of 350 grams lasts for 60 – 70 washings.

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ECO friendly world

I have loooked for good environment friendly products to introduce in the Caribbean and are now happy to be distibutor for GREEN-Tech in UK.
the watering system MSP is outstanding both for landscaping and for pots.

The MPS Module range is ideal for creating spectacular self irrigating flower displays on pavements and streets. They can serve free standing planters where direct access to the ground is impractical. There are many shapes and sizes available that provide ease of use. The modules can be applied to Flower Boxes, Hanging Baskets and Street displays.
Just contact me for landscaping and ideas for gardens in Caribbean.



It´s a relaxing day after a wonderful Carneval yesterday.
Friends from Sweden, who visit us, went to the beach and we stay home for some gardening.


Morning hours

I went to Santa Cruz Beach early morning to see if the sea still is ruff.
But not so much anymore.
Talked to some fishermen who catched small fishes in a kind of "river" from the open sea through a nice area with mangroves. They stay there for hours to get some fishes, and making jokes together. They showed me a big Iguana sitting on a sunny rock. . it was fun.
Captain Goodlife with his "Rent a boat" was still in bed I think, but nice music coming out from his little "homemade" house faced to the sea, could tell that he was on his way. The dogs outside, there to protect ?, had a relaxed attitude not expecting people hanging around so early. Keep quite!

I continued the long walk along a smaller road up to the main road with more traffic.
It´s about 2,5 km and I passed two older men using there morning hours probably to steal copper from a road lamp.
OH! Maybe it´s why every third lamp has no light in the night time....Is it so that people steal the copper lines and switch off the lighs.

While I am walking along the roads through nice nature I get good ideas for the Cultural Center I am planning.
A car give a horn. I hand is waving. "Happy morning" a friend is screaming.
Happy morning!


The Tumba King 2009

Last night Robertico Balentin became the winner of the “tumba festival” on Curaçao with the song: “Den Bahia”. Now his song is the official anthem of the 2009 Carnival on Curaçao.


Charming Charms

Are you also C H A R M addicted?
I see the trendy charms with many followers everywhere now a days.
Extremly popular still in USA and Europe and you find them also here in Curacao since some years. More promoted than ever I think.
People discuss there charms in special forums, they redesign there bracelets every day with new combinations. Nice as you design your own unique jewelry and have endless of variations for your choice.
Here are many brands in the market following the first Pandora from Denmark and most of them are compatible with each other so you have endless of combinations.
My sister and I have found the Italian brand B I A G I very nice with high quality and good design. We have the Swedish market . so it´s there now!
If you want to be our retailer in Sweden you are welcome to contact me.


new steps

The last weeks have been days of planning and thinking. I am in a process of moving to another house and also to start up complete new projects. This year will be a restart and I am really looking forward what´s coming out of all this. The creative process is just in the beginning.
In the meantime I do some jewelry and for the moment I adore the felted beads I recently bought. Some necklaces has been done.


Another week

It´s Monday again and a week pass too fast.
The weekend was creative, I meet some friends for Salsa dancing and that is always a bonus for quality of living.
I also meet a friend I haven´t seen for a while. We talked a lot and sipped a good wine, and some really good ideas showed up during our hours together.
So I feel full of new energy this Monday.

Here is a lot of things going on to create and to think about. I am just in the beginning of a new process and I find it very stimulating to start up things again.
After a short swim I am ready for a brainstorming again.


It´s Friday

NIce to meet so many Swedish tourists staying on Curacao for the moment. One had swimmed with a turtle yesterday and it seams this same turtle has become so tourist friendly and stay there in Playa Lagun just to have fun with all snorkeling people.
Is nice indeed to swim so close to the little turtle.
Today this Friday we shall take some of the Swedes to a nice restaurant that the tourists not so easy find themself. Asia de Cuba with good food and THE place for Salsa dancers every Friday. I love it!

Asia de Cuba


New start

I have cleaned up in my studio so I can start the new year in another way. I like to have a lot of beads and pearls, stones, spacer, rings, pins... all over the table when I work very spontaniously. I do one of a kind mostly and when I am in the process of creating jewelry I want to see as much as possible of the whole palette of colors and materials.
But now when I shall make a small collection in the same style I don´t need to make such a mess around me.
It is good to make a new start and I am looking forward to receive packages with new beads and pearls I have ordered for this spring collection.

Now it is also time to start with the jewelry workshops again after the holiday break. It is also a reason to keep the studio in a proper way.
Companies and friends shall be invited for jewelry sessions and also Girl´s partys shall start up before all summer weddings. Friends surprice the bride with a jewelry workshop where they make there own wedding jewelry.
Busy start of the new year 2009.



I heart this year 2009. It will be an exciting year I am sure.