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Morning hours

I went to Santa Cruz Beach early morning to see if the sea still is ruff.
But not so much anymore.
Talked to some fishermen who catched small fishes in a kind of "river" from the open sea through a nice area with mangroves. They stay there for hours to get some fishes, and making jokes together. They showed me a big Iguana sitting on a sunny rock. . it was fun.
Captain Goodlife with his "Rent a boat" was still in bed I think, but nice music coming out from his little "homemade" house faced to the sea, could tell that he was on his way. The dogs outside, there to protect ?, had a relaxed attitude not expecting people hanging around so early. Keep quite!

I continued the long walk along a smaller road up to the main road with more traffic.
It´s about 2,5 km and I passed two older men using there morning hours probably to steal copper from a road lamp.
OH! Maybe it´s why every third lamp has no light in the night time....Is it so that people steal the copper lines and switch off the lighs.

While I am walking along the roads through nice nature I get good ideas for the Cultural Center I am planning.
A car give a horn. I hand is waving. "Happy morning" a friend is screaming.
Happy morning!

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