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Tonight I shall walk like a star with my yellow shoes.



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Strange weather this days. It is raining and sun shining at the same time and the most fantastic rainbow could be seen over Band Abou, where I live.


adorable pearls

I adore this small beauties! Every little shiny pearl gives inspiration to create.
I post some newly arrived mixed color pearls from China, in my Etsyshop and ArtFire



Hi I got i visit from a green grasshopper.
Green as a fresh leave. Now he/she is playing for me.
Nature is fantastic and surprise me with happiness.

New Etsy treasury / ROSES WITH LOVE

I placed a new Etsy Treasury



New pearls have just arrived from China. I have made some necklaces and earrings I shall show another boutique in Willemstad.



I walked down to the beach Franki to see if I could find some new holes to my hole collection. Yes I am collecting natural holes. The sea was blue and nice as usual and yes I found some holes to bring home.



I am preparing for my birthday, shall invite close friends to an afternoon party at our terrace under the tamarind trea.
I bought yesterday many small gifts I will give to all who are invited. It is tradition here that every guest get a small gift when they leave a birthday party.
It use to be a small piece of a special bithday cake, wraped in celofan paper.
I make it different.
My gifts are wraped in paper from lifestyle magazines and it makes of course every piece little special.



Today I had my first sale at the Swedish site for handmade things of good quality named SIGNERAT.
I have just reasently been accepted as a member and I like the way they promote handmade and signed quality products.
MY SIGNERAT SHOP name is DiviDivadesign


My favorit

Time to dress up in Gina Tricot black tights and tunika and today I shall ware my newly made bracelet with lampwork beads in red black and white.
We shall meet some Swedish friends for a dinner im my favorit restaurant for the moment Mundo Bizarro.

another day

It is early morning in Curacao and not even the birds have start to sing.
We are just on out way to the small island Klein Curacao to spend a day in sun and most of the time in the water, snorkeling and to have the fantastic lunch BBQ they serve us on the beach.
Welcome another wonderful day.


More of the NEW

Some more of the new bracelets.
Tomorrow you can find them in Mon Art Gallery in Curacao.
Handmade, unique DiviDivadesign.

B r a c e l e t s

I did some shots of bracelets I made yesterday evening.


one after another

Today I made one bracelet after another that gave inspiration to another and another and another.... I love to make just one of a kind, to get new ideas from one to thye next,to find new combinations of beads and pearls again and again.
So when I felt tired and it was time to finish I had made so many new bracelets and necklace all unique.

Tomorrow It will be a day with the camera to arrange and take photos of everything, make nice packages so it is all ready to show the art gallery in Willemstad who are selling my things.
A good day and I am ,looking forward a new creative day tomorrow.!


Happy sale

I had in my mind that I should send out invitations to my Beautiful Sunday Jewelry Show, when I had a phonecall from the Gallery who is selling my jewelry localy.
They had sold most of there stock and asked me to come and show new bracelets and necklaces. Nice of course but if they buy all what I have , as they use to, then I have nothing left for a home show.
So let´s hope that the orders I just have placed with new fresh water pearls and nice glass beads will arrive tomorrow so I can make some brand new things before Sunday.


Dancing Queen

During the weekend I picked a new Treasury D A N C I N G Q U E E N

Today a read in the news that 84 million persons in USA are out for online shopping during Cyber Monday, so I have a hope that also some of them shall find my little jewelry shop and like my handmade unique things.

I placed some new jewelry in my Etsyshop but I can see that there are about 100.000 bracelets and about 730.000 jewelry all kinds so... but you shall never give up.

I placed some jewelry and supplies in Art Fire and hopefully it is easier to find me there.
I like Art FIRE.
Together we grow! Global Green SIGN IN!


Beautiful Sunday

This sunny morning I had desided not to stay too long at Etsy but it is easy to get stuck there and spend some hours,look around and post some comments here and there. I also listed some Silver charms for the Cyber Monday sale.

Now it is time to prepare for my B e a u t i f u l S u n d a y next week. I have made an invitation to a Jewelry Show in the garden with Holiday GIFT Sale, soft drinks and snacks and I am looking forward to arrange this Sunday party.

And I have ordered a lot of freshwater pearls and glass beads so I will be well prepared for my next jewelry workshop.


Black Friday & Cyber Monday

What a rush. all Etsy members are extremly awake, create and list new adorable handmade things. So many tallent persons around the world you find there and what a great network to get inspiration from and to find wonderful gifts and supplies. If you are not there yet you must sign in.
I ave just listed new jewelry and more will come during this day before Black Friday and Cyber Monday. So please bookmark and come back!

If you are out for shopping you are welcome to my Caribbean shop for handmade jewelry and supplies.
I give a great SALE
I give Pink pearls as a Holiday GIFT
New listed!
You can read more about me in lamaworks blog as she feature me today.



I picked a Treasury T H I N K in P I N K with ETTEAM members only.
Click on every picture and give comments please.


Just listed a Necklace with white freshwater pearls,blue cateye glass beads and a adorable flowering glass bead in blue

I became a member of the Swedish site S i g n e r a t today and I listed som jewelry there too.


Sweet little Monster

I found some small little cool monsters at Etsy I just had to buy to my grand children.
What a friendly monster! What a coozy gift.
KarensMonstersEtsy shop


Russian Dolls

I placed this Etsy Treasury with R u s s i a n D o l l s as they are just adorable.

Nicky with the NickyBeeShop tells me that she had a grandma (my father's mother was Russian)." Whenever I used to go to her house I was so marveled with all those exotic things she had brought from her country : babushkas, tea pots and tea cups and something to serve the tea (samovar... she said)...anyway i am obsessed with those Russian patterns."

You must click on every picture to enter all this wonderful shops with the Matryoshkas and other things handmade!

He made my day!

Late... very late, before I should shut down, take my time to relax and go to bed, I got a react in my blog. A guy JonV in Philippine was also awake and took his time to write me some words.

"Oh wow!

I can only remember a few blogs that I've come across that look as delicious as this.

Keep up the good work!"

Nice music for me as I just have started my blog and are an complete autodidact webmaster.

I will keep up my work!



I just signed in at T W I T T E R and it´s fun indeed.

As I participate in the Etsybead team´s jewelry SALE
I picked some of my handmade, unique Bracelets for the
♥ S A L E 50% OFF and FREE shipping world wide.♥


Copy my Etsy Treasury pages

I have really tried to find out how to copy a webpage as an image and then download the page here in my blog or in my facebook or my Flickr .
Still I am not there But it is never too late to give up.

I wold love to keep and show my Etsy Treasury with Swedish Dala horses
Not only with a link!


I picked an Etsy TREASURY WEST

Swedish Dala horses.

My Etsy shop



My new Etsyblog is born
My websites are: