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Copy my Etsy Treasury pages

I have really tried to find out how to copy a webpage as an image and then download the page here in my blog or in my facebook or my Flickr .
Still I am not there But it is never too late to give up.

I wold love to keep and show my Etsy Treasury with Swedish Dala horses
Not only with a link!

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FrougesArt said...

Hi! Maybe you solved this problem yet, but I got a very helpful advice. I'm not so good in English, so I copy it:
I used to capture the screen. There are other tools (and site) you can use. You just copy the URL of the page, paste it when indicated on the site, choose page (so you get the whole page not just what you see without scrolling on the screen.) It will then give you an image page that you can save to your computer. You can then upload that file to flickr. It might sound more complicated than it's actually is.

Good luck! I could use it!