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I continue with picking up green things for my shop.
Why haven´t I found Soap Nuts before.. They are just great and just natural.
So from now on I am distributor for Planet Pure green products in Netherlands Antilles.

Soap Nuts
It is a pure nature product and for 100 % biological removable.
This nature product is optimal for people with allergies!
It´s good for pets with shin problems....

Hand- and machine wash from 35 – 95 °. For each washing you need 5 - 7 half shells, which have to be put in a small bag of cotton or in a thin sock in the machine. With washing temperatures of 60° the washing nuts can be used twice.
The mild, complete biological substances can be used for all different types Of washing like silk, linen, wool, hemp etc. If needed, a few drops of aromatic oils can be added.
The wash nuts are 100 % biological removable and can be put on the compost.
A packet of 350 grams lasts for 60 – 70 washings.

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